The Vital Role of a Child Custody Attorney

Florida law says that both parents must pay for their children’s care. A lot of the time, this is done by one parent paying child support to the person who takes care of the kid the most. A West Palm Beach lawyer could help you take action if your ex-spouse is not paying child support as planned.

During the first meeting, a good lawyer could talk to you about your legal choices. Depending on the situation, your lawyer may suggest that you work together with local child support police agencies or try to reach a deal with the person who isn’t paying. In the worst cases, a judge can take away your ex’s driver’s licence and freeze their assets, like bank accounts and credit cards. During the first meeting, a skilled lawyer could also talk about ways to avoid these fines.

Families in West Palm Beach and the nearby areas can go to the Law Offices of Lydia Charles, LLC to settle their legal differences. It handles situations involving divorce, child custody, and spouse support. It also deals with protection orders and domestic abuse cases. Its staff includes lawyers who speak French and Creole as their first languages.

A West Palm Beach child support lawyer could look at your case and tell you about your choices during a free session. Based on Florida’s child support rules, most of the time, an attorney will work on your behalf to receive or set a child support amount. This method takes into account the nett incomes of both parents, which helps the courts figure out how much support is fair. Once that is done, the lawyer can make a detailed parenting plan that is good for you, your child(ren), and theirs.

The amount of time the kids spend with each parent, the parents’ gross income, and the cost of school are some of the things that affect child support. A good lawyer could also help you with the alimony process, like when you need to change a current alimony deal or when your ex wants to change their original support order.

A good West Palm Beach lawyer could file a case for contempt if your ex doesn’t pay child support as agreed. This could mean that your ex has to pay back the money that was not paid and also pay a late fee. The lawyer may also work with your local revenue department to get a pay garnishment or to take tax returns to try to get the money back. Click here to contact their law offices in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Farkas & Crowley, P.A. helps people in the West Palm Beach area who need a skilled lawyer to handle a child support case. The firm helps people get or enforce the right amount of child support. It can also help with changes to orders or protection orders. The company can even help with IRS issues related to child support and can walk clients through the steps of getting or disputing an administrative hearing on child support. Its lawyers have decades of experience between them in family law situations like divorce, child support, and alimony. The company has been recognised by Super Lawyers, a service that rates lawyers across the country. The lawyers there are also members of the Florida Bar Association.

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