Finding the Right Father’s Rights Attorney for Your Case

A fathers rights lawyer can assist you with issues such as child custody and visitation, parental alienation and other legal matters related to men’s reproductive issues and a parent’s relationship with his or her children. The attorneys on our site are skilled in all aspects of family law and can advocate for your rights in court. They can help you obtain time-sharing with your children, counter false abuse allegations or protect you from being forced to share parenting duties with an abusive ex. They can also help you with your paternity case, object to third-party adoptions and establish a support agreement.

The right Orlando fathers rights attorney will be able to review your unique circumstances and determine what type of parenting plan may work best for your situation. In most cases, courts consider a variety of factors when making decisions about child custody, visitation and financial support, including each parent’s income, earning capacity, emotional stability and other relevant issues. It is common for people to assume that mothers will have more parental rights than fathers, but this is not always true.

In many cases, the mother and father will be able to agree on a joint custody or shared parenting arrangement that works for their situation. In other cases, the court will make a decision about a parent’s rights based on the facts of the case and Florida laws. A knowledgeable and experienced Florida fathers rights lawyer will be able to evaluate the evidence in your case and advise you about your options for obtaining time-sharing or custody of your children.

Even in unmarried cases, a father has rights to his children and is entitled to seek custody or visitation of them. The first step in claiming your parental rights is to establish paternity. Our dedicated paternity lawyers can help you prove your paternity and obtain the rights and responsibilities that come with being a biological father.

Fathers who are able to spend significant, or even primary, time with their children can greatly improve the chances of gaining custody or visiting rights. A skilled Orlando paternity lawyer can demonstrate your close bond with your children and why a shared parenting arrangement that allows you significant, or even full, custody of them is in their best interests.

Fathers should contact a reputable paternity rights lawyer in Orlando as soon as possible after they separate from their spouse. If your ex-spouse is trying to take your children out of state, fabricates accusations of abuse or denies you court-ordered visitation, it’s important to act quickly by calling a fathers rights lawyer for help. The experienced lawyers on our site have been thoroughly vetted and are prepared to aggressively defend your rights in the courtroom. Call us now or fill out the online form on our website to schedule a free consultation.

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